Partnering with Carbuco can make your business stronger

We offer a range of services that are tailored to the needs of your dealership. According to a report by used car dealers are the least trusted of all industries. It's with this in mind that Carbuco can help you improve your reputation or provide customers with the confidence to buy.

We can help your dealership in many ways

Dealer Check

Become Accredited

Consultation Service

Review Collection

Review Removal

Reputation Management

Customer First

Closing Sales

Our services can help you today

Dealer Background Check

Give your customers peace of mind with our Car Dealer Background Check aimed at helping you establish trust & close sales.


We offer a paid consultation service that will give you the tools to either build or improve your online reputation.

How can Carbuco support my business?

Carbuco was founded when whilst our founder was working on a leading review platform in the automotive industry. As you can imagine working on a review platform highlighted both exceptional and shocking cases of customer service within our industry. With this in mind Carbuco was founded where we put the car buyer at the heart of everything we do and stand for. We believe that by partnering with us your business is demonstrating a similar commitment to putting the customer first.

  • Genuine automotive experience dealing with both car buyers and dealerships
  • We offer the only car dealer check report available in the UK
  • Launched a dedicated crowdfunding platform that helps car buyers in need of support
  • Our founder has already supported thousands of dealerships handle their online reputation
  • Understand the challenges facing dealerships in collecting positive reviews
  • Through our consultation service we can support your business goals