Make a more informed decision about who your buying from

  • How much do you know about the dealership you are thinking of buying from?
  • Don't risk your losing money to a rogue trader?
  • More complaints via Trading Standards about the automotive industry than any other industry

Here are just a few benefits of what you get with your dealer check

  • FREE report - No sign up required
  • Report in 24 hours
  • We assess the risk
  • Check Online Reviews
  • Complete Online Research
  • Conduct Company Checks
  • CCJ Checks
  • Investigate Dealer History
  • Research Named Directors
  • Identify Linked Businesses

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Why should I use Carbuco

We care. We want to help. We aim to make a difference. The reason we have put together our "Car dealer background checks" is because our founder would read reviews every single day from car buyers who were mistreated and lost hundreds and even thousands of pounds. Our report can identify excellent dealerships meaning you go into your purchase with confidence and trust established. In those cases where we identify other customers who have been mistreated or make advisories about who you are buying from then this really could save you money and unwanted stress.

  • We are a business who cares and we always put our community first
  • Our experience means we know what to look for to help avoid scams
  • We access information you can't in order to help you make a more informed decision
  • If things go wrong and the dealership wont help then TALK TO US. We can give you tips to get them to act and the tools to help others in avoiding the dealership. You really do shape the purchases of future car buyers.

Why the car dealer background check is so important

Auto Trader identified that only 7% of car buyers trust car dealers
UK consumers who trust used car dealer according to
Least trusted industry currently operating in the UK
  • Citizens Advice have had over 61, 000 reported cases involving used vehicles over the past 12 months (April 2018-2019)
  • Around 40% of all reviews posted on Car Dealer Reviews in 2019 were negative

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