We want to help your campaign be successful

  • FREE to start a campaign, meaning a risk free campaign
  • Raise money for yourself, family, friends or work colleagues
  • Withdraw all funds directly to your bank account at any time
  • Request a business you are in dispute with to send funds to Carbuco

Our top 5 tips

Be personal

People will be drawn to helping you if they feel your campaign is personal and heartfelt. Be honest about your needs and be sure to be personal in reaching out to others for donations.

Share your story

You won’t get support for your campaign without telling people about. Share whats happened through word of mouth and social. If you need help then make sure you ask.

Share Share Share

Your best chance of success is through sharing across your social accounts. Requesting friends, family or work colleagues do the same will add to your campaigns reach.

Thank Donors

Any donors must be thanked and appreciated. Following this up through a social account will add further reach to your campaign.

Conflict Resolution

IF you are in dispute with a business, request they pay any owed or agreed funds directly into your Carbuco account. This is a great way to encourage them to act.

How to create a successful campaign

Launch your fundraiser with a realistic goal in mind. Most donations for your hardship are likely to be friends or family. In order to appeal to a wider audience make sure you show a detailed cost breakdown of what you require by adding:

  1. Photo upload for any quotes.
  2. Clear breakdown where any money raised will be allocated.

This is your opportunity to make your causes standout to anyone reading it and will determine if people click into your campaign.

  1. Choose a headline that will catch peoples attention
  2. Make it snappy and to the point
  3. Create a hashtag that could help your cause gain coverage across social

Creating a successful campaign will require you to be open, honest and genuine about your financial needs.

  1. Create a campaign people can relate to
  2. Be clear with the circumstances around your campaign. Answer any questions people may have. Use the who, what, when, where and why logic. 
  3. Breakdown your campaign goal costs so people know where the money will be going.
  4. Your story will need to connect with others in order to get donations. Why should be help you and donate?
  5. Make your campaign easy to read by breaking down each section with headings. People are likely to skin through it and wont read long paragraphs.
  6. Use any images or additional research where possible.

Sharing across social media is your best chance of getting donations. It’s important to generate support through your story, images or videos and all of this can be shared from Carbuco. Here are a few tips to build a community:

  1. Use the social media icons to share your campaign, this will be your biggest chance of success.
  2. Make sure in every social share that they are directed back to your donation page. This journey has to be as easy as possible.
  3. In any conversations you have with friends, family or work colleagues give them clear directions of how to donate to your cause.
  4. Encourage your family, friends or work colleagues to share your campaign on their social accounts to spread the word.

Keep your community updated with any changes in circumstances. If you have come to agreement or had contact with a dealership, then let people know. They want to see updates or progress, they want to feel part of your cause. You can do this by adding more content to your campaign or videos are a great way of attracting interest.

Remember your donors are part of your cause, so make them feel it. A simple thank you which can also be done across your social account goes a long way. Others seeing this may also be drawn to your gratitude and donate as a result.

If you are in dispute with a business, request they deposit any funds directly into your campaign. This is a great method to ask a dealership or garage to place any agreed funds for work to be carried out as other people viewing your campaign will see they have paid and you are safe in the knowledge that the funds will be in your account, no more empty promises.