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Your donations mean that we can continue to help thousands of car buyers each day. Where will your donations be spent?

  1. We want to improve the service we offer the car buying public by improving our website
  2. Marketing our website so more members of the public know who we are. In order to make a difference we need to get in the public eye.

It’s not all about paid donations. You can help and support Carbuco in other ways:

  1. Share our page across your social media account. If you have received a “Car Dealer Background Check” then please shout about it so people are aware of it’s value.
  2. Request your friends share our website
  3. Do you feel your expertise could help us in other ways?
    1. Legal advice
    2. Expert advice motoring advice
    3. Become a writer who shares stories on our site
    4. Any other related skills that you feel could help us

Please contact us today at to become one of our volunteers.

Carbuco needs your support: We are powered and funded by your donations

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Carbuco was launched to offer advice and support to the car buying community. Everything we have done so far is self funded by our founder who is passionate about making a difference and a stand against used car dealerships who don’t treat customers fairly.

With the help of your donations we can continue to support the car buying public in an industry where there is a complete lack of trust in who we are buying from. UK car buyers spend millions of pounds each year repairing cars that were not sold to a satisfactory standard and its the job of Carbuco to deliver excellent advice pre sale and support when things go wrong.

We genuinely believe that the more people who join us, the more money and heartache we will save in buying from rogue traders.

Together we can make a difference:

Empower car buyers pre purchase

Create a part of the car buying process by researching who are buying with our “Car Dealer Background Check”

Aim to set standards within the industry


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