Research your next car

Where can you research your next car

Capturing as much information as possible for your next car is so important. Our guide will enable you to understand where to look.

What car should I buy

The question any car buyer asks themselves before they begin their search. Here are a few thoughts before you start your research

  • Ask friends & family. They will be able to do your research for you
  • Have you seen something you like? Explore this further, after all its you who will be driving it
  • Are you committed to a certain brand? This will narrow down your search

Where you find more information

If you are starting right at the beginning and not sure about what vehicle you want, sites such as WhatCar, Honest John and Parkers deliver excellent reviews of cars. You can watch videos and learn about the performance of thousands of cars.

Millions of car buyers across the UK use WhatCar due to its vast amount of new and used cars reviews. Arguably the best site to use due to written and video reviews.

Once again they offer both written and video reviews of new and used cars. HonestJohn also offer classic car reviews for the car buying enthusiasts.

Parkers offer what you would expect with reviews and specs for cars. They also display cars for sale.

Classified sites

Most classified sites now offer further information about your potential new purchase. This will include: such things as MPG, approx cost to refuel, how far your fuel will take you, road tax and your insurance bands. You should always consider the above before making that purchase or the costs of running your next vehicle could spiral.

  • Car performance
  • Owner ratings
  • Vehicle background checks

What to look for

Before buying a car their are many elements you must consider and plenty of sites offering excellent advice. The most important consideration is what suits your needs

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