Where Can You Find Car Dealer Reviews

Our guide for finding online reviews about car dealers

Having worked in the world of online reviews in the automotive industry for the past 5 years, I strongly believe this is the part of the car buying journey car buyers are neglecting which ends up causing you stress and money. 

The problem I read daily is that car buyers wished they had read reviews prior to making a purchase. It’s understandable that we dont look for reviews until things go wrong as there isnt a culture of reviews in the car buying journey like there is in the leisure industry with Trip Advisor.

What websites currently deliver reviews about car dealers

The following guide will share information about were you will find reviews for car dealers online. We believe its important to understand how each operates in order to truly take the value out of what you find and read.

Car Dealer Reviews is the longest standing review platform that is the only 100% consumer driven website that exists in the car buying world.

  • Open review website meaning anyone can review
  • More dealerships reviewed than any other platform
  • Fully focussed on helping car buyers
  • In house team moderate all reviews
  • No sign up required
  • 1.3 million visits in 2018
  • Can review even if a purchase has not been made
  • Block 1 in 3 reviews for fraud

The most well known business in the automotive industry. Dealer Reviews were added to their platform a couple of years ago. 

  • Dealers upload customer details and request a review
  • Business model relies on dealer revenue
  • External team moderate reviews
  • Display 3rd party reviews on their website

CarGurus make a big deal about their dealer ratings on their website. As they are relatively new to the market the volume of reviews found maybe lower than the above 2 platforms.

  • Dealers upload customer details and request a review
  • Only recent buyers can leave a review
  • Review rating displayed over a 2 year period
  • Dealer must invite review in order to have one posted

Trustpilot offers reviews across many industries and is relatively small in the car buying world. Highly unlikely to find reviews for independent dealerships.

  • Closed review platform
  • Dealerships pay to be listed
  • Dealers pay to invite customers to review
  • Reviews displayed for franchises & car supermarkets

Another review provider who work across many industries. Essentially a customer feedback tool for dealerships. Although a name you may be familiar with there may be limited reviews.

  • Closed review platform
  • Dealerships pay to be listed
  • Dealers pay to invite customers to review
  • Reviews displayed for franchises & car supermarkets

There are other platforms sharing reviews

When you search for a car dealership online you will find other sites that display reviews. Some smaller platforms are used by smaller dealerships as a way to collect a high volume of un-verified reviews for a small cost so be wary with what you find.

Check for reviews in more than one place

It is always advised to read as many reviews as possible from different sources. Reading reviews only from closed review platforms we would suggest is not going to paint a complete picture regarding your potential experience. Although you can rest assured that the reviews are from genuine customers, there is often timeframes set on when reviews so if things go wrong you might not be able to leave a review.

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