Where can you find your next car?

Cars are now being sold across many platforms

In the past 5 years there have been plenty of new online platforms selling cars. Long gone are the years where Auto Trader and Exchange & Mart were your only options. The below outlines the different platforms where you can search for your next car.

We strongly recommend our visitors look beyond their traditional methods and branch out their search, it might just save you money and help you find your next perfect car.

Auto Trader is the biggest name in the automotive industry and has a whopping 36 million visitors a month. They dont hit those numbers for no reason. They have the visitors, the dealers and offer some excellent car buying tools.

  • More cars listed than any other classified site
  • Offers a dealer price rating
  • Dealer reviews
  • Car ratings
  • Basic free & paid extended vehicle checks

We believe that CarGurus will provide the biggest competition to Auto Traders market dominance. They are number one in the US which is no mean feat. Currently pushing TV campaigns to drive awareness of their service and have recently purchased another well established UK classified site called Pistonheads.

  • Founder was the previous co-founder of Trip Advisor
  • Display cars in search results based on best deal feature
  • Dealer ratings at the heart of their offering

A household name in the UK, more well known for breakdown recovery, the AA also offers a classified section where cars are readily for sale on their website.

  • Displays over 150, 000 cars & vans for sale
  • Approved dealer network
  • Car purchased come with free breakdown cover
  • Offer full history checks
  • Service to sell your car directly to dealers available

Well known for breakdown recovery, however the RAC does offer an easy to use classified platform.

  • Displays over 300, 000 cars for sale
  • Approved RAC dealer network
  • 82 point check completed on all cars sold
  • Sell you car privately for free

Offers a marketplace to buy and sell cars. A number of independent dealers use this platform to sell cars from. Recently purchased another UK classified site called Motors.co.uk to boost their market presence.

  • Huge volume of visitors each month
  • Review centric meaning feedback visible from customers
  • Offers alternative like for like vehicles in page results
  • Appears more focused on personal selling

We would say that Gumtree specialise more in personal selling and buyin, however they do have a number of indepdent dealerships using their service

  • Search over 160, 000 cars for sale
  • Offer both dealer & private sales
  • Sell your car for free
  • Vehicle history checks via HPI displayed on listings

One of the newest and most interesting car buying platforms to have arrived in the market. They are different in that they are essentially a search engine (quite like Google), where you search for what you want and they display results pulled in from dealer websites.

  • Search over 700, 000 cars for sale
  • Serves results based on your needs
  • Displays car ads directly from dealerships
  • Re-directs you directly to the dealership advert

Launched in 2013, carwow reverses the typical car buying service. You place a request for the car you want and dealerships come forwards with offers to you meaning no haggling at the point of sale.

  • Buy direct from main franchise dealers
  • Compare offers from dealers
  • Huge savings on brand new cars
  • Offer dealer reviews

Is veteran classified site that exists in the UK. Well know for their print version in years gone by Exchange and Mart also offers an online portal to find your next car.

  • Over 200, 000 cars for sale
  • Buy or sell your car
  • Display car reviews

You will find other classified sites

There are other sites out there such offering cars for sale. Some actually use a feed from other sites, for example Parkers use a feed from Motors to display a classified section.

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